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Next-Level Engagement: The Power Of Clustering-Based Content Recommendations

November 11, 2021 12:00 | 1:00 PM CT

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • How critically important it is for health insurance providers to proactively engage with their members in order to build stronger relationships that improve brand loyalty.
  • How personas based on SDoH can be leveraged to prioritize specific customized content to address a member’s most urgent health issues, including vaccine hesitancy.
  • How six Medicare Advantage personas and six Commercial personas provided valuable engagement insights and identified gaps in care.

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Beyond Star Ratings: Innovative Strategies For Engaging Medicare Members

October 21, 2021 | 12-1p CT

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • The best strategies for educating and motivating members to engage in the behaviors that drive higher scores on CAHPS, HEDIS, HOS and other quality metrics.
  • Specific recommendations on how to improve member engagement and provide a more personalized and relevant member experience that improves brand loyalty.
  • How to leverage data to produce a series of recommended actions and activities, as well as targeted incentives and rewards, that are personalized for each member to close specific gaps in care.


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September 16, 2021 | 12-1p CT

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • A detailed understanding of the key components of a proactive Digital Front Door strategy and how this innovative system for member engagement works.
  • The practical know-how to select the best framework for building a Digital Front Door that matches their organizational structure, needs and goals.
  • A new awareness of the importance of systematically gathering and analyzing data in order to launch a robust Digital Front Door strategy.


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Nichole McGrath, Vice President Client Success, Onlife Health
Dr. Catherine Bass, Sr. Director of Informatics & Innovation, Onlife Health
Solome Tibebu, Founder & CEO, Cognific
Karen Vloedman MD, MPH, Senior Medical Director, PopHealthCare

A Post-COVID world: How innovative care solutions are transforming behavioral health

July 20, 2021 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Learn about the broad spectrum of care options now available to address behavioral health issues
  • Explore the new technologies that are helping health care providers identify and connect people to local social service organizations more effectively
  • See how health insurance providers can leverage publicly available data and member-level data to forge new relationships with members and drive preventive interventions for both individuals and entire populations
  • Understand how the modern-day house call is providing a new level of care that not only addresses physical and mental health issues but also provide relevant behavioral-health information that can only be obtained in person



Dr. Catherine Bass, Data Science, Onlife Health
Joanna M Thomas, MB, ChB, FAAFP, Vice President, Clinical Strategy and Population Health, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield
Shana Hoffman, President & Chief Executive Officer, New Directions Behavioral Health

The Intersection of SDoH and Behavioral Health

Thursday, Mar 25, 2021 | 12-1p CT

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Discuss the true definition of behavioral health
  • Describe how Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) factor into a person’s behavioral health
  • Explain the drivers of incorporating SDoH and behavioral health in whole person treatment
  • Recognize the roles and responsibilities of solution providers and health plans in addressing a person’s social and emotional health needs


A recording of the webinar event is available here.

Speakers: Catherine Bass, PhD, Director of Informatics, Onlife Health; Carla Raynor, VP Consumer Experience & Brand Management, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee; Nick Dewan, M.D., Vice President, Behavioral Health, GuideWell Health

"The Journey to Well-being: Consumer Trends in Engagement”

December 16, 2020 | 1pm – 2pm ET

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Discuss the traditional definition of wellness and how its evolved and how its driving changes in healthcare.
  • Who are the main players to look out for in this space right now?
  • How is the evolution of the consumer’s expectations when it comes to their health driving how health plans are engaging with their members?
  • How can we leverage the engagement approach large consumer brands (Netflix, Amazon) take in the healthcare space?
  • How do all parties in the health ecosystem play a role in consumer well-being.
  • Review the trends to be expected in the space for 2021 and beyond.

A recording of the webinar event is available here.

Speakers: Dr. Catherine Bass, Dr. Chris Dodd & Dr. Kelli Tice Wells; Moderated by Leigh Ann Ruggles

"Three Perspectives, One Goal: Addressing SDoH More Effectively”

December 4, 2020 | 1pm – 2pm ET

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Appreciate the key role data science must play in addressing SDoH on a more comprehensive level by quantifying and identifying the specific risk factors in each community and drive both member and population interventions more effectively.
  • Gain a better understanding of the structural weaknesses as well as new opportunities for addressing SDoH that COVID-19 has revealed.
  • See how the tools and resources being used to address SDOH are influencing healthcare providers to adopt a new approach to patient care that is helping them achieve better health outcomes.
  • Understand how community-based home-health services provide the local knowledge about social and environment factors to impact health outcomes and discover the root causes of poor health.

A recording of the webinar event is available here.

Speakers: Justin Leedy & Dr. Catherine Bass

"Why the Smart Money is on Data"

November 09, 2020 | 1pm – 2pm ET

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • “The Echo Effect”—How a true omni-channel communication strategy with multiple synchronized touch points, combined with targeted messaging, can amplify the power and effectiveness of a marketing campaign.
  • How health plans can implement a long-term marketing strategy and still focus on and achieve their short-term membership goals.
  • How personas can provide engagement insights about consumer messaging and communication preferences for decision gatekeepers.


A recording of the webinar event is available here.

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