Onlife Health Launches New Program to Help Health Plans Retain Medicare-Eligible Members

Innovative Pilot Educates and Supports Members and Caregivers to Understand Their Options as They Age into Medicare

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., February 22, 2021 – Onlife Health, a GuideWell company bringing end-to-end simplicity to population health and wellness, today announced the launch of an innovative pilot program specifically designed to help members who will soon become Medicare-eligible have a more informed and less stressful transition to Medicare.

The new Aging-Into Medicare program provides members as well as caregivers with educational content that helps them understand their Medicare options and the enrollment process through a digital self-guided program titled What You Need to Know About Medicare. The program can be implemented on both a well-being member portal and mobile app and does not require any expansion of a health plan’s current capabilities.

“Members who are aware of their current insurer’s Medicare plans and receive information about it are more than twice as likely to continue coverage with their current insurer,” said Dan Shur, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at GuideWell Connect and Onlife Health. “That is the reason we created Aging-Into Medicare. We believe it can serve as a highly effective member-retention strategy for any health plan that wants to build a stronger bond with its customers and work toward creating members for life.”

Research shows that many healthcare consumers are confused by the health plan offerings and sign-up processes as they age into Medicare. For example, approximately 90 percent of people who are nearing Medicare-eligible age are insured nationally, but less than half of 64-year-olds enrolled in a group plan know if their commercial carrier offers Medicare products.

“Recent reports have indicated that Blues plans nationwide can lose up to 70 percent of their members when they make the transition to Medicare,” said Mark McConnell, CEO at Onlife Health, PopHealthCare and GuideWell Connect. “The goal of Aging-Into Medicare is to address this issue effectively by demystifying Medicare plan offerings and clarify the enrollment process that can often be quite confusing for members.”

To evaluate the performance of its Aging-Into Medicare program, Onlife can measure the conversion rate of members who transition to a health plan’s Medicare plan. “By providing informative content to members in their early 60s, Aging-Into Medicare is building brand awareness for any health plan and positioning the company as the go-to source for making an informed choice about a Medicare plans,” said Shur. “That can only enhance member retention and improve brand loyalty.”

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Onlife Health, a GuideWell company, brings end-to-end simplicity to population health and wellness, connecting and integrating people, technology, and benefit design through our user-friendly engagement platform, guiding consumers on the “next right thing to do” in their healthcare journey. Our unique approach – personalized, supported, connected – drives engagement and delivers value. With its built-in agility, the Onlife platform can be quickly and easily configured and scaled to serve any market, from commercial health insurance to Medicare Advantage and Individual (ACA) lines of business.


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