Onlife Health Hosts Panel at Digital Experience (DX) Summit

Onlife Health Hosts Panel at Digital Experience (DX) Summit

Onlife Health Hosts Panel at Digital Experience (DX) Summit

Brentwood, Tenn., December 4, 2018— Onlife Health, a national company with 22 years of expertise in delivering comprehensive wellness engagement solutions, is today hosting a panel at the Digital Experience (DX) Summit, an event sponsored by the BlueCross BlueShield Association and held in Chicago.

Entitled Using DX Across the Preventive Journey, the panel will focus on how Onlife Health has incorporated three key principles—personalized, connected, supported—as well as personas and machine learning to deliver a digital experience that is simple, easy, relevant and more engaging for members. The panel will also explore how integrating social determinants of health (SDoH) can support the user digital experience.

Catherine Bass, Ph.D., director of informatics at Onlife Health, and Leigh Ann Ruggles, vice president and chief revenue officer at Onlife Health, are scheduled to serve as co-presenters.

“Today’s consumers are demanding that their healthcare digital experience be as accessible and easy-to-use as the online experience they now take for granted from retailers,” Ruggles said. “That’s the reason, for the past two years, Onlife Health has developed a new wellness platform that connects and integrates people, technology and data to create a seamless, more friendly and personalized experience for members.”

The Digital Experience (DX) Summit is an annual meeting where BlueCross BlueShield leaders from across the country gather to discuss DX trends, both inside and outside of healthcare, that are shaping member expectations and redefining the user experience.

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