Leveraging Its Highly Flexible Platform, Onlife Health Is Meeting Member Demand for Timely Information Both During and After COVID-19

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., May 14, 2021 – Onlife Health, a GuideWell company bringing end-to-end simplicity to population health and wellness, has developed a comprehensive online resource that is providing its more than 13 million members with timely and reliable information both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

This digital library of knowledge, which includes a mix of more than 50 articles, podcasts and videos, is available on each member’s personalized home page as well as Onlife’s AlwaysOn® mobile app. With this multi-modal delivery system, members can select their preferred venue for viewing the material.

Because of the built-in flexibility of its platform, Onlife can quickly update its COVID resources to provide the most current information about the pandemic. As new scientific developments and bulletins from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health organizations occur in the future, the platform will continue to communicate the latest information as well as provide additional supportive content.

“When the pandemic hit the United States, COVID-19 suddenly became the #1 well-being priority for many of our members,” said Mark McConnell, CEO of GuideWell Diversified Businesses, including Onlife Health, GuideWell Connect and PopHealthCare. “Because the Onlife platform is highly customizable, we’re able to respond quickly and provide up-to-date information that is reliable, accurate and meets the specific needs of each of our clients. Our response to COVID-19 is another real-world example of our unique approach to member engagement—integrating data science, platform flexibility and personalization to generate a unique well-being journey for each member, what we call The Next Right Thing To Do.”

Original Content Covers a Comprehensive Range of COVID Topics

Onlife’s original content addresses several key medical and scientific topics, from self-care advice if members are diagnosed with COVID to precautions that high-risk members can take to stay safe. Additional original content covers a range of other COVID-related topics, helping members become more informed about the impact of working from home and the possible social isolation that can occur, the financial ramifications of the pandemic, and the use of telehealth services. Onlife also offers an in-depth collection of materials to support and educate members about their emotional health and mental well-being. About four in 10 adults in the United States have reported being anxious or depressed during the pandemic, a dramatic increase from the one in 10 adults who reported these same symptoms in 2019.

Supporting the Vaccine Rollout

In addition, Onlife continues to work closely with its clients to roll out incentive programs that motivate members to receive the COVID vaccination and to redeem these awards ($25, for example) conveniently through self-attestation on the Onlife member portal.

Links to third-party resources provide additional support to members, making the Onlife website and mobile app a singular source for timely and reliable COVID information. For example, a link to a vaccine locator tool provides the latest information on where the COVID-19 vaccine is available, who is eligible to receive the vaccine, and what protocols need to be followed.

“Informing members about the vaccine is critically important at this time, given the uncertainty and hesitancy of a large group of the American population about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine,”said Leigh Ann Ruggles, Chief Growth Officer, GuideWell Diversified Business Group. “Providing trustworthy information is playing a key role in allaying any fears or suspicions that people may have.”

As more companies and employees return to the office, Onlife is also providing educational support with informative articles to help members make a safe transition back to the workplace. “As the world slowly returns to normal, Onlife will continue supporting our clients by providing the most recent return-to-work guidelines and workforce safety solutions,” said Nichole McGrath, Vice President of Client Success. “From enhanced data accessibility that generates informed decision-making to the latest COVID-19 developments, providing our clients with reliable information in a timely manner continues to be a high priority here at Onlife Health.”

About Onlife Health

Onlife Health, a GuideWell company, brings end-to-end simplicity to population health and wellness. Connecting and integrating people, technology, and benefit design through our user-friendly engagement platform, we guide consumers on “the next right thing to do” in their healthcare journey. With its built-in agility, the Onlife platform can be configured and scaled quickly and easily to serve any market, from commercial health insurance to Medicare Advantage and Individual (ACA) lines of business.


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