Did you know that people who are fit are 4-5 times more productive than those who are unfit? Or that 60% of smokers ages 18-30 attempt to quit smoking every year?

Our proprietary approach to wellness solutions focuses on habits and barriers at the core of member problems, so small changes can have a massive impact in a variety of areas in their lives.

It’s no wonder that clients and members love us and recommend us to others. Read for yourself why we regularly receive 100% implementation scores, and how getting our members to walk around the world 198 times makes them feel and work better.


It’s rare for a wellness company to work with the same client for more than a few years. So why has HealthTrust Inc. continued to partner with Onlife Health to promote healthier lifestyles for its 45,000 members for the last 10 years? Scott Weden, Benefits and Wellness Manager at HealthTrust, spoke with us about their experience with Onlife Health and the factors that are driving success for HealthTrust Inc.




Results matter. We help our members accomplish amazing goals, overcome barriers, and engage in new and exciting ways. But don’t just take our word for it.

Onlife successfully implements and runs wellness programs for over 10+ million members. We help drive engagement and results for a wide variety of organizations in need of diverse health solutions.