Personalized to Maximize Engagement.
Customizable Down to the Smallest Detail.

To drive engagement, our team of data scientists transforms complex data from multiple sources into a simple step-by-step journey where each user always knows the next right thing to do for better health. We use personas to deliver more effective communications and a content engine to supply information that’s relevant to each person.

Our platform adjusts easily to market changes and is highly configurable at the payer, line of business and employer level. We can integrate your other benefit offerings, customize our capabilities to match the exact needs of your organization, fine tune the program (even down to the headlines your users read), and provide ongoing consultation to ensure your continued success.


Here are some of the more than 20 wellness capabilities Onlife Health can configure to create a customized wellness solution for your organization.

Incentive Platform

Everything you need to structure and administer an effective incentive program, from consultation and administration to integration and member management.

Health Assessment

Driven by a proprietary learning engine, our configurable HA takes a more intelligent approach to deliver an in-depth health evaluation.

Web Portal

It’s more than a portal; it’s an engagement engine that delivers a unique experience for each person and a step-by-step guide to better health.

Multi-Modal Coaching

Users can choose to connect by either phone or secure messaging with a coach to make a human connection that motivates their health transformation.

Digital Self-Guided Courses

Self-motivated users can take their health journey at their own pace by accessing our comprehensive library of digital self-guided courses.

Device Integration

Onlife Sync™ seamlessly connects members with 100+ tracking devices and fitness apps, including Fitbit, Garmin, Nike and Jawbone, with more being added all the time.

Individual and Group Challenges

Wellness is now available with high fives. Because there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to motivate people.

Biometric Screenings

This detailed clinical assessment supports your members or employees by providing a comprehensive, objective assessment of their health.

Mobile App

Onlife’s AlwaysOn® mobile app connects members to their personal health journey 24/7 to increase engagement.

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