• Measurable Results

    Clients will receive three population health assessment reports, which are generated from data gathered on the health assessments and provide your population's level measures. For more information, click here.

  • Milestone Assessments

    Each onmytime course is linked to a particular milestone assessment. Milestone assessments are between
    5-15 questions long and are offered at regular intervals during each course. These assessments enable tracking of change in health behavior during the period of a course. After each milestone assessment is completed a report is delivered that reports on the respondents current status. Onlife's onmytime course/assessment offerings currently cover the topics of nutrition, weight, stress, tobacco and physical activity.

  • Healthcare Provider Report

    The Healthcare Provider Report is a one page summary of the results of the health assessment. It is presented in a simple, concise manner that can be quickly reviewed by the individual's physician. This report can be printed and taken or emailed to the healthcare provider.

  • Learn and Improve

    After completing the onmyway initial assessment and all onmyway segmented health assessments, an individual will receive a Wellness Report. This report educates the person about their lifestyle choices and how those choices directly affect health, well-being and longevity. A series of graphic comparisons correlate the person's score with the score achievable if lifestyle changes were to be made. The report explains positive and negative factors that directly contribute to the present wellness score and suggests improvements in lifestyle and behaviors.

  • Dedicated Health Coach Connect

    In addition to the initial assessment and segmented health assessments, Dedicated Health Coaches can administer focused coaching assessments in four categories:
    These focused assessments provide a jumping off point and dialogue
    opportunities for the Coach and participant, enhancing the coaching session and outcomes. Although they are conversational in nature, embedded within the assessments are specific questions that our Research and Informatics team can use to create a relevant index displaying how the participant is changing over time. The Dedicated Health Coach primarily administers these assessments verbally, but they are also available online.
  • Getting to Know You

    In addition to the initial assessment which provides basic information about a person's current state of positive living, Onlife offers a segmented health assessment to gather
    more information about the specific topics
    most relevant to an individual. Our clients have the option of requiring specific health assessment segments for their members. The Dedicated Health Coach steers their participant to these assessments, explaining their importance and utilizing the opportunity as a teachable moment. Once an individual has completed the initial assessment and all the segmented health assessments, they will receive a full wellness report.

  • Getting Started

    The initial assessment is the starting point when beginning one of Onlife's Positive Living Programs or registering on the Onlife portal. An individual completes a short question set which generates their Personal Wellness Report, as well as recommended goals and action steps to help them work toward their Life Plan. The answers to the initial assessment also allow Onlife to create a health risk profile for the individual, which in turn, helps the Personal Health Advisor identify the best Dedicated Coach for the individual to help facilitate the dedicated coaching experience.