Onlife began in 1996 as Gordian Health Solutions, Inc., a health coaching company dedicated to changing lives. With the acquisitions of Continental Health Promotions and ERIS in the late 90s, the company became a pioneer in our field, offering onsite services and best-in-class health assessments. In 2005, Gordian was acquired by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. In 2009 we focused our time and resources into developing innovative products under a new brand that will resonate throughout the industry and make a lasting impact. That brand is Onlife Health.

Our Mission: To transform lives through engagement in healthier living while impacting health-related costs.

Our Values:

  1. Customers First – We anticipate, understand and focus on our customers' needs and make these needs our first priority.
  2. Culture of Health – We foster an environment of healthy living in which health permeates our workplace.
  3. Commitment to Excellence – We commit to operational excellence, accountability and continuous improvement in all that we do.
  4. Candor in Communication – We promote an environment of openness and teamwork in which the sharing of opinions, knowledge and ideas is expected of everyone.
  5. Celebration – We embrace success and take time to acclaim both our individual and collective achievements.
We are an energetic, empowering
company that moves people
to take action towards
improved health and
positive living. The spirit
of our company is
embodied in our people,
who live the brand every
day by embracing the
"on" philosophy.