Member Portal


Whether at home, work, or on the go, employees need access to their wellness program. Likewise, you need a central location to easily plug-and-play the new programs you’ll offer. With Onlife Health’s wellness portal, you get an engagement hub that allows you to do both. 



Onlife’s portal is individualized for each member based on their improvement needs.

Members can easily:

  • Take a health assessment
  • Set goals and track progress
  • Earn and track incentives
  • Connect with a Health Coach
  • Find self-directed courses and health-related articles
  • Participate in health challenges
  • Track activity by syncing 80+ fitness devices and mobile apps


Onlife Health Member Portal


Onlife makes program administration simple.

We help you succeed by:

  • Syncing members’ activities with the portal through our free AlwaysOn mobile app
  • Allowing you to easily plug-and-play new services into the engagement engine and promote them on our portal
  • Configuring the portal to your organization’s groups and individual members
  • Providing multimodal channels (web, text, email, phone) to reach members based on their preferences
  • Producing aggregate reports
  • Equipping administrators with rollout materials and ongoing communications