Health Assessment

Onlife Health’s comprehensive wellness solutions include a health assessment driven by our proprietary learning engine.

We get members engaged from the very beginning. It’s not just an individual snapshot providing baseline information, but a customized approach for how we interact with you and your members to find out what’s really needed.





With advanced branching capabilities, our health assessment navigates members through questions specific to their situation, leading to personalized improvement recommendations, and appropriate interventions as needed or requested.



Clinical mumbo-jumbo can be confusing and alienating to members. We get it. That’s why we break down information into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand. Members see us as a helpful health partner and that helps build engagement.



Opportunity follows from each and every response—on an individual level, discovering what each member needs and their motivation to change, and on a global level, empowering members with the resources and tools to help them succeed.  


AlwaysOn mobile app health assessment Onlife Health Health Assessment