Financial Well-being


Stress can turn into a chronic illness. In the workplace, stress costs businesses up to $300 billion a year1 due to: 

  • Impaired performance and productivity.
  • Higher absenteeism, turnover and complaints.
  • Disengagement with the job, colleagues and customers.




For nearly 3 out of 4 adults, the main cause of stress is money and finances.2 Employees carry their worries with them to work, and that hurts productivity.

We can help by: 

  • Assessing employees’ perceived levels of stress.
  • Offering unbiased information and resources to members at high risk due to stress.
  • Reaching out with support and coaching to help manage stress.  
  • Linking members to their employer’s financial programs.
  • Offering multiple assessments to trigger recommended content and activities to help individuals improve their financial well-being.


Being well means having a healthy mind and body. With the right help, employees can reduce stress, be more productive, and sleep better at night.





1 World Health Organization

2 American Psychological Association. 2015. Stress in America. Paying with Our Health.