Onlife Sync™ Device Integration


Onlife Sync™ makes wellness count.

Exercise. It's the best way to improve health and control healthcare costs. Our three-year study, which included 5,500 employees, found that moderate exercisers* experience:

  • 20% lower annual healthcare costs than employees who don't exercise
  • 50% lower rates of ER visits and inpatient hospital stays



Personal preferences affect the types of devices and apps people like to use. It’s simple, if members aren't able to utilize their favorite devices, they won’t fully engage with your wellness program.

Onlife Sync™ lets members pick from 100+ popular fitness-tracking devices and mobile apps from some of the most popular brands such as Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, and more. In fact, we're adding more all the time so employees stay engaged and your program won't grow stale.

This keeps members from having to log their activities online—the devices do it for them. Users' information can be used for reporting, coaching, rewarding incentives, and helping members get healthier.


A few of the organizations we're proud to partner with:


SyncMisfit WearablesRunKeeper



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*Equivalent to 5,000+ steps or 38+ minutes of activity per day.