University of Arkansas System Renews Partnership


Nashville, Tenn. and Fayetteville, Ark., September 22, 2014 — Onlife Health, a national wellness company dedicated to transforming lives through healthier living, and the University of Arkansas System today announced they have renewed their partnership to bring innovative wellness initiatives to the University System's employees and their spouses. Since 2012, the University of Arkansas System has made Onlife's wellness program available to staff members in its 18 campuses across the Natural State to help them and their spouses lose weight, quit tobacco, and reduce their risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and other health risks. 

Working with Onlife Health has helped the University of Arkansas System engage its employees across Arkansas in initiatives to enhance their health and wellbeing. With this wellness program, the University System has the ability to reach and support staff members located hundreds of miles apart in nearly 20 separate campus locations, providing tools to help achieve individual wellness goals. The University System and Onlife Health are working together to expand the program to additional staff members in the coming months. 

Since its initial launch, more than 3,700 University of Arkansas System participants have enrolled in Onlife's wellness program. It provides employees and their spouses with free health assessments, biometric screenings, and health coaching customized to their needs and preferences. It allows individuals to track their wellness online and receive incentives for participation and progress. For example, employees can earn rewards for attending worksite health events, accepting a tobacco pledge and completing online wellness courses. 

Program participants at the University of Arkansas System have achieved many health gains. In less than two years, 77 percent of participants were able to reduce their stress levels, 54.5 percent were able to reduce tobacco usage, and 41 percent lost weight. 

One participant summed up her experience: "It was a struggle getting started and progress was slow at first, but once the impact of the diet change and exercise kicked in, I could tell I was on my way to a better way of life and a healthier me." 

"We're delighted to renew this partnership with the University of Arkansas System," said Danny Timblin, CEO and president of Onlife Health. "System leaders have demonstrated a real commitment for making the University of Arkansas a healthy place to work. Enthusiasm for wellness solutions has grown tremendously since we first launched the program, and participants are seeing incredible results. We are looking forward to building on the positive momentum we've generated and expanding the program to additional campuses in the months to come."