Onlife Health Launches Onlife Sync™ to Seamlessly Integrate Data From Wearables and Fitness Apps into Members' Health Profiles


Brentwood, Tenn., January 27, 2015 — Onlife Health today announced a new service that will enable users to seamlessly and securely connect data from more than 80 popular fitness wearables and apps to its proprietary wellness portal. Named Onlife Sync™, the service supports how today's consumers approach wellness by securely integrating activities and workouts into members' health profiles and making the information available to them and their health coaches anytime, anywhere. Onlife Sync™ connects with more than 80 popular fitness-tracking devices such as Fitbit®, Garmin®, and Jawbone®, and fitness apps including MapMyWalk™ and RunKeeper™ giving users the option to use the device and/or app that best suits their lifestyle. 

"The popularity of wearables and wellness technology is exploding and consumers are embracing devices and mobile apps to gather insights into their daily activities and use the information to drive personal change," said Danny Timblin, president and CEO of Onlife Health. "Onlife Health meets members where they are by giving them the freedom to choose from dozens of major brands and sync their information with the portal. We believe by building in flexibility for individual choice, enabling access to this information by professional health coaches, and providing aggregate population reports to employers, members will be more likely to stay engaged, reach goals, and be rewarded." 

Onlife Health's portal is the gateway to member services including the interactive health assessment, self-directed programs, and preference-based health coaching. According to research by the company, using wearable fitness technology in conjunction with an ongoing incentive program and voluntary health coaching positively affects workplace health, increases employee engagement, and lowers healthcare costs. 

Serving more than 10 million members, Onlife Health offers employers and health plans comprehensive support systems and an array of client and participant services. With the company's latest offering, Onlife Sync™, members can: 

  • Connect with 80+ popular brands of activity tracking devices and mobile apps;
  • Track their fitness activity and view progress over time as displayed on the participant's activity dashboard;
  • Effortlessly submit verified data to earn incentives that reward healthy activities; and
  • Work with dedicated health coaches who use members' activity data to monitor and adjust a variety of wellness goals unique to each individual such as fitness, weight loss, and blood pressure.

Onlife Sync™ also makes program administration easy for organizations by eliminating the need to purchase, distribute, and maintain thousands of fitness devices for their participants. This "bring your own device" model creates a more affordable wellness program and keeps it from growing stale with new devices and apps being added regularly. Additionally, Onlife also provides discounts on bulk device purchases when organizations are interested in providing the same device to their participants.