Onlife Health Acquires HEcheck Software, An Industry-Leading Health Environment Assessment Tool


Brentwood, Tenn., July 13, 2017—Onlife Health, a data-driven health solutions company dedicated to transforming lives through healthier living, today announced it has purchased the exclusive rights to HEcheck (short for “A Workplace Health Environment Assessment”), a proprietary software that measures key features in the workplace environment in order to evaluate and build a strong culture of health.

Developed by Thomas Golaszewski, Ed.D., M.S., and incorporating the work of Dee Edington, Ph.D., HEcheck is an in-depth workplace health environment assessment tool developed from the most current scientific research on employee health and well-being.

HEcheck will now serve as the ongoing evaluation tool for Onlife’s onthemark® service. Part of a comprehensive consultative process conducted by Onlife’s account management team and wellness consultants, onthemark is a comprehensive assessment used to evaluate the workplace dimensions that impact employee health and organizational success and provide actionable insight into how employers can create or improve their culture of health.

Onlife Health licensed the HEcheck software for three years before purchasing it in the first quarter of 2017. “We conducted an extensive vendor analysis and found that no other software on the market offered such a scientifically sound and sophisticated approach to the assessment of a company’s wellness culture,” said Mark McConnell, president and CEO of Onlife Health. “Developed by two of the most highly respected experts in the field of corporate wellness, Onlife’s onthemark® solution allows clients to build or improve a culture that maximizes the value of our wellness solutions.”

Dr. Edington is the founder of the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center and Edington Associates, LLC; and a development specialist in how wellness activities impact health care cost containment, productivity and human resource development. Dr. Golaszewski is an internationally recognized leader in health sciences and worksite health promotion, perhaps best known for his pioneering work developing and testing workplace environment and workplace culture assessments.

As part of the acquisition, Dr. Golaszewski will serve in a consultative role with Onlife Health, providing strategic recommendations based on the most current workplace wellness research. “Our continuing partnership with Dr. Golaszewski will ensure that future enhancements to the HEcheck software reflect the most contemporary thinking by today’s wellness experts,” said McConnell. “The inclusion of the HEcheck assessment within Onlife’s onthemark evaluation will serve as a valuable tool for any company that wants to create a true culture of health.”


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