Maine Educators Extend Contract Citing Improved Health Engagement and Outcomes


Brentwood, Tenn., May 28, 2015—Onlife Health, a national leader in workplace wellness solutions, and the Maine Education Association Benefits Trust (MEABT), a not-for-profit employee welfare benefit plan serving school employees, retirees, and their families, announced they have extended their agreement for comprehensive wellness services for 65,000 eligible plan members affiliated with 600 public and private schools across the state.  

Since partnering with Onlife Health, MEABT has noted increasingly favorable trends in building healthy lifestyles and helping contain medical costs. Employees and eligible dependents have lost weight, quit smoking, and reduced risk factors related to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stress, and other conditions.

“In the last year, we’ve seen significant increases from our members in health assessment participation, use of tracking devices, and online course completion,” said Linda Welch, deputy director of MEABT. “Key measurements in outcomes tied to weight management, stress reduction, and physical activities, in addition to exciting new engagement strategies, prompted us to extend our partnership with Onlife and keep the momentum going to help our members enjoy healthier lives.”

MEABT’s wellness program includes health assessments, health coaching, incentives, and a robust member portal that hosts health-education materials about nutrition, weight management, blood pressure management, and more. Fitness-device integration and mobile apps are being implemented to allow members to connect with the wellness plan whenever they want. At many locations, wellness champions reinforce healthy-lifestyle choices, engage members, and help sustain a culture of health.

“With the Onlife curriculum, healthy living has become part of our members’ everyday lives,” continued Welch. “The positive results they’re experiencing makes them more determined to focus on wellness; plus, they are becoming role models for better health for their students and their communities.”

“We are thrilled to be part of MEABT’s comprehensive wellness offerings benefiting active and retired teachers, related personnel, and their dependents,” said Danny Timblin, president and CEO of Onlife Health. “By making health a priority, and embracing the latest wellness protocols and engagement strategies, MEABT is giving its members useful resources that can benefit them and their families for years to come.”