Partnership Brings “Live On” Wellness Program to Over 54,000 Public School Employees Across Maine


Maine Education Association Benefits Trust and Onlife Health team up to provide corporate wellness services to employees at 600 Maine schools


Brentwood, Tenn., January 31, 2013 - Onlife Health, Inc., a national wellness company dedicated to transforming lives through healthier living, and the Maine Education Association Benefits Trust (MEABT), a not-for-profit, employee welfare benefit plan dedicated to the health of Maine public school employees and their families, today announced they have partnered to provide wellness programs and services for employees in 600 schools in Maine. The program is now available to 54,000 employees and family members across the state.

“With hectic and highly-structured schedules, many teachers find it difficult to focus on their own health and wellness,” said Christine F. Burke, Executive Director of MEABT. “By partnering with Onlife Health to offer an integrated wellness plan, MEABT can ensure that Maine’s public school teachers and personnel will continue to be role models for their students not just in the classroom but also by leading healthy lifestyles.”

MEABT said that in the first three months employees have completed more than 9,000 wellness courses and that many are already consulting with a health coach about reaching wellness goals. 

Onlife Health’s Live On Wellness program is available to active and retired employees teachers, related personnel and their dependents who are covered by the MEABT health insurance plan. Participants in the program begin their Wellness journey by completing a health assessment that provides instant recognition of the individual’s status related to health risks and lifestyle habits as well as guidance and resources in areas to improve. Depending on the participant’s preference, they can then complete self-directed courses online, track activities related to exercise and daily fruit & vegetable consumption, or join a variety of online challenges including a daily steps competition using a pedometer supplied by MEABT & Onlife. Onlife Health Coaches are also available to work directly with individuals to help guide, motivate and keep participants accountable for making and sustaining healthy changes. Participants earn points as they work to reach their goals which can be redeemed for pre-paid debit cards, valued at up to $150.

To help provide a more accurate picture of the person’s overall health, including his or her risk for certain diseases and medical conditions, Onlife Health brings the participants’ healthcare provider into their picture of health. Individuals can elect to complete blood work with their primary care physician who, after analyzing the results, completes a form that Onlife uses to update the participant’s health assessment with the recent screening data. 

“Onlife Health provides comprehensive, customizable and user-friendly wellness programs that are designed to engage and challenge participants of all ages, in diverse geographic locations, in entertaining ways,” said Jed Dodd, CEO of Onlife Health. “We are proud to be working with MEABT to help the organization achieve its goal of creating healthier employees, reducing healthcare costs and promoting wellness in communities throughout the state.”