It’s a unique thing to work at a wellness company that actually lives what it teaches. In our offices, you’re just as likely to see our CEO in our onsite gym as you are in the boardroom. Our Registered Dietitians can be seen offering tips on how to incorporate healthy foods into our lives in fun and different ways—the same way they do to our members.

Just like we have passion for health within our company, we strive to help you create a culture of health and increase the results of your wellness programs for your organization or your clients’ members.

That’s why we’re constantly innovating and leveraging our scientific approach to let our products target the behaviors that allow small steps to have major impacts.

Only 0.8% of organizational healthcare spending targets 90% of the causes of sickness—causes that are 100% preventable. Why continually pay for member sick costs instead of targeting their causes? We wonder that too, and that’s why we have such a passion for what we do.