Video: Testimonial from a Decade of Wellness


It’s rare for a wellness company to work with the same client for more than a few years. So why has HealthTrust Inc. continued to partner with Onlife Health to promote healthier lifestyles for its 45,000 members for the last 10 years?

Consider the results:

  • 95% participant satisfaction scores
  • 32% return on investment
  • A remarkable 0.8% increase in annual medical costs compared to 12%-20% increases for most group insurance plans

Scott Weden, Benefits and Wellness Manager at HealthTrust, spoke with us about their experience with Onlife Health and the factors that are driving success for HealthTrust Inc.





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Want to dive deeper into this video? Here's the full transcript from our discussion with Scott Weden, Benefits and Wellness Manager at HealthTrust.


Scott Weden: Hi, my name is Scott Weden. I am Benefits and Wellness Manager for HealthTrust.

I think there’s 3 things that puts Onlife at the top of the charts for us. It’s innovation, creativity and the service they provide not only to HealthTrust but our membership in general. 

Over the 10 years of working with Onlife we have seen continued success in the program. We have seen that our return on investment has increased year-over-year. Our current 10-year return on investment is for every dollar spent we’re seeing $1.32 in savings.

HealthTrust measures success in wellness by not only the return on investment, not only the value of investment, but watching to see how our membership moves through.

Behavior change takes 3-5 years, so we don’t measure it solely on one year’s return on investment. It’s over a period of time and looking at those 3 aspects of the program: return on investment, value of investment, and participant satisfaction to gauge success of the HealthTrust program.

So we’re at a board meeting a couple of weeks ago. One of the board members was really looking at engaging with Onlife through the mobile app. He was looking for the Onlife app, and within a half hour’s time he was able to download the app, sign in, chat with a health coach, track some points on the LiveOn portal for physical activity. His response to me with regards to the service he got was, “This was really easy to use; it’s friendly, I love technology, and I’m sure I’ll use it in the future.”