Video: Creating a Culture of Health with Hayley Hines


We sat down with Hayley Hines, RVP of Health and Wellness Solutions at Onlife Health, and discussed how companies create a culture of health. Creating a culture of health is more than simply offering a wellness program, so we spoke about some critical components along with a few helpful tips that successful organizations are using to help their members live healthier lives.




Want to dive deeper into this Well-Being Experts video? Here's the full transcript from our discussion with Hayley Hines, RVP Health and Wellness Solutions at Onlife Health.


Hayley: I would define a culture of health in a way that really creates the opportunity for members within an organization to be healthy sustainably. So instead of just doing walking challenges or weight loss activities, it's really starting from the top down within an organization and creating healthy decisions on every level.

It's really important when you're beginning a new program to have a great representation within the organization to be part of it. Everywhere from the senior executives, middle management, all the way down to each and every level within the organization should be represented because most of the time people will identify with their peers, so if you can have someone in each of those different levels within the company represented, the likelihood that they'll engage is higher.

Some of the characteristics that I've seen with companies that are already doing a lot of great things are essentially ones that give people the opportunity to have flexibility in the way they engage in a program. If they want to exercise during the day, they have the opportunity to do that without the feeling that they're going to be penalized or punished for doing so. They always offer healthy alternatives in either the cafeteria or at meetings. They can also create some behavioral economics within their vending strategy - so making the Snickers bars more expensive than the healthier options, or putting a tax on hamburgers in the cafeteria, and making the salad bar less expensive, you might have fresh fruit delivered - a lot of things that are going to be creative ways to help people be a little more sustainable and a little more healthy long-term.

Some of the ways that an employer can measure culture of health is through not only looking at ROI, but also really expanding that to look more at the value of the investment (VOI) which would include more things like productivity, presenteeism, making sure that people are at work more often, and also more productive when they're there. There's also some really hard numbers that you can look at which would be those Time 1 and Time 2 metrics that is going to show not only where an organization begins, but where they are at the end of the year, and hopefully would show a risk reduction over time.