Video: 2016 Wellness Trends with Hayley Hines


We sat down with Hayley Hines, RVP of Health and Wellness Solutions at Onlife Health, to discuss the wellness trends from 2015 and what's in store for 2016.



Want to dive deeper into this Well-Being Experts video? Here's the full transcript from our discussion with Hayley Hines, RVP Health and Wellness Solutions at Onlife Health.


Hayley: I think the trends that will be popular in 2016, that both employers and health plans are going to be interested in, would be things that are going to create a more customized and individual-based program for the members. I think the trend will be more towards individualized experience that will hopefully create more engagement, and ultimately, outcomes.

I think customization at the member level looks like the ability for the member to choose their own adventure. For example, they would have the option to select whatever device or app they choose to use, based on their personal needs and activities. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach anymore. It's much more individualized and customized per member.

Some of the characteristics that I've seen with companies that are already doing a lot of great things are essentially ones that give people the opportunity to have flexibility in the way they engage in a program. If they want to exercise during the day, they have the opportunity to do that without the feeling that they're going to be penalized or punished for doing so. They always offer healthy alternatives in either their cafeteria or at meetings. They might have fresh fruit delivered - a lot of things that are going to be creative ways to help people be a little more sustainable, and a little more healthy long term.

I think the biggest concern for health plans is how to drive engagement. I think as we move forward working with vendors that were able to crack that code of how to get more members engaged on a platform, and engaged in the programs, will be beneficial.